Space-Flown Postcard Competition

Every month, I'll be entering everyone who orders a print (framed or unframed) into a draw to win a limited edition postcard featuring my image of the Moon over Blackrock Castle Observatory - which flew to space aboard a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket in 2021.

The postcards are available to order here.

Did the postcard really go to space?

Yes, it really did!

In 2021, 100 postcards featuring my image launched from the west Texas desert on an 11-minute flight aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard crew capsule. During this time, the postcards traveled at speeds of over 3x the speed of sound, floated weightless for several minutes, while flying high above the Kármán Line - 100km above the Earth - otherwise known as the internationally recognised boundary of space!

Giveway Terms and Conditions

Everyone who orders a print - regardless of its size, whether it's framed or unframed, or the quantity ordered - will be entered into a monthly draw to win a space-flown postcard valued at €100.

Note: Out of fairness to other customers, if you win a space-flown postcard, you will be ineligible from winning another in the future.

Product Information
Postcard Size: 4x6 inches (10x15cm)
Your postcard will be sealed in a clear protective plastic toploader so it arrives in your postbox in pristine condition.

What can I do with my flown-in-space postcard?
That's completely up to you! However, because you'll want to enjoy looking at both sides of the postcard, I recommend getting your hands on a see-through acrylic frame so you can gaze at the photo of Blackrock Castle on one side, and the "Flown to Space On New Shepard" stamp alongside information about the photo on the other side,

Authentication Information
Each postcard will be stamped with Blue Origin's official "Flown to Space On New Shepard - Blue Origin" postmark as shown in the preview images.

In addition, your postcard will be signed by Cian, numbered out of 100 (the remaining 90 postcards will be used for outreach and education purposes at Blackrock Castle Observatory).